Shadow Me


Note:  This is a draft of a prose idea I’m working on and decided to share it in its rough form.  I need to put more thought into the “word images” I want to convey, so this may change from the original concept.


In the silence of my world within.

My Shadow waits.

As I stroll the gardens and beaches of my mind’s eye alone.

The Shadow waits.

In the meadow fields surrounded by majestic mountains, I embrace “elan vital” dancing with sunshine’s light or cool misty heaven’s rain.

And the Shadow waits.

Nature’s music calls and sings to me.  I rejoice.  I play in the redwoods of my mind, climbing, swinging, exploring, and jumping, searching…

The Shadow waits.

At the sea, I build sandcastle’s, stroll along the waters edge, splash and ride the waves in joy, or lay peacefully in the hammock suspended in the palms trees as the ocean’s lullaby soothes my soul.

Yet the Shadow waits.

Night falls, I dance under the starry domed sky lit by the huge moon smiling down on my world.  I reach.  My face turned to the heavens.  Arms in the air above my head I shout with delight twirling, twirling,  twirling remembering joy is life.

The Shadow moves freely and invisibly through the night.  The ground shakes.  Storm clouds hover overhead blocking the moonlight.  The lonely howl of a wounded creature permeates the air that weighs like cotton on my skin.

I’m not alone.  I turn just as the moon peek’s out to light my way.  I’m face to face with the Shadow.  Dark tears glisten as diamonds sliding down smokey cheeks.

I lift my hand to offer comfort.  Shadow mimics me. My hand floats through the smoke but shadow’s hand gently caresses my cheek.

Hand against hand, in mirrored synchronicity…

We start to dance. We weave.  We twirl, we spin in fluid grace.  It’s a dance of wonder and discovery to just be.

~Juneta Key © 02162017 ~



This is one of my favorite Lindsey Stirling songs, Shadows.

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