REBLOG-Wizard of Ends, Book 1 by Vanessa Finaughty: Chapter 1


Wonderful beginning to a interesting story. Read the first chapter and get a free download tomorrow Oct 9th at Smashwords.

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Today’s tour hosts are Tracy Falbe, who will be showcasing Wizard of Ends on her blog, and Marcia at Bookin’ It, who will be sharing a guest post from me with five reasons to love the series’ MC, Lashlor Leaflin . Go on over and take a peek!

Now, read the entire first chapter of Wizard of Ends, Book 1!

Wizard of Ends, Book 1
Chapter 1

King Lanaran Dragonsbane, ruler of the Land of Ends, stood at the foot of the royal bed, gazing down at the sleeping queen, whose silky black hair framed her pale oval face. So intense was his love for Queen Narraki that his breath caught in his throat as a faint smile curved her delicate lips. She must be dreaming about something pleasant, he thought, realising that he was smiling too – her smiles had always been so infectious. Even now…

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