REBLOG-1st Chapter Book 2 Wizard of Ends series—Read It Now

Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature by Vanessa Finaughty, Chapter 1

REBLOG–First Chapter of the 2nd book in the series Wizard of Ends. Book 2 ready for pre-order now release date Oct 23rd.

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Today’s tour host is Tracy Falbe, who will be sharing a guest post from me with three ancient Irish spells and charms. Enjoy!

As most of you already know, Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature can be pre-ordered from iBooks and Barnes & Noble, and will be released at these retailers and Smashwords next week Thursday. Here’s a sneak peek.

Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature
Chapter 1

Bleak and foreboding, the Mountains of Eclador rose before the group of weary travellers, the darkening orange sky giving them a decidedly evil appearance. A flock of kreag, nasty birds of prey large enough to carry off a full-grown man, circled above the nearest peaks. Lashlor hoped the birds were not hungry. These mountains were cold and heartless, and showed mercy to no man or beast, and the kreag would show the travellers no mercy either if it was…

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