Are You My Reader?

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Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for your interest in my stories.  I hope to entertain you and pull you into my worlds.


I am a huge Star Wars fan.  My first serious story writing adventures were for fun, done within the arena of Star Wars fan fiction.   Now I am trying my hand at writing my own stories.   I like to see characters take up the good fight against tyranny and oppression, justice vs injustice, God vs Devil.  I enjoy stories that play out the human condition, that contain both psychological and mythical elements.  The bonds that tie us together or tear us apart, family, friends, and community.  I also like a little romance, or a flirty connection in stories I read.  


  • I like character driven story, in complicated tales and unusual situations.
  • I like intersecting connections and the paranormal.
  • I want my story to have real  heart and emotional connection.
  • I like tales  that uplift my spirit, or raise the flag of my hidden rebel.
  • I like pirate tales, space scoundrels, or mythic imps like Loki.
  • I want to be entertained, hooked, lost in the story.
  • I like stories with  different perspectives on life and engage the intellect.
  • I enjoy epic battles, quests and intrigue.
  • I am all for adventure with special ops, detective of all sorts, or that paranormal group that fights the unseen.
  • I like fantasy and science fiction, but especially sci-fi fantasy.
  • I like to read about adventures, mystery, romance, fantasy worlds, and animals.
  • I also like a good ghost tale, or something that gives me the shivers.

I enjoy reading trilogies or longer series, connected stories by theme, character, or world.  Those are things I like to read about and hope to learn to write about well.  I know it was a long list, but I am addicted to fiction.  Join me on my journey.  Follow me, subscribe, and comment.  I would love to hear from you.    

Favorite Genres:  Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Mystery, Romance, Adventure, the Classics, all fiction really, because I am a voracious reader.  I love story.  I have my entire life.   Books are some of my favorite companions.

If you’re still not sure if you are my reader check out three of My Free Short Stories here about loss, love and hope.



Guardians of the Seals

World of Moon Hollow

Starlight Space Saga

Looking forward to sharing this fictional journey with you.  I hope you like what you find, but either way, thank you for taking time to visit my site. 

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