Holly Lisle’s Free 3 Day Mini-Revision Workshop For A Short Time


Holly is offering a free mini-revision workshop during this 3 day launch period of her big course How To Revise Your Novel to give those interested a taste of her teaching style.  If you just finished November NaNoWriMo and have a novel to revise this is a fun way to get started free.


I highly recommend this course, especially the free ones.  I love that Holly offers those.   If you are like me once you try it  you will be hooked.  I am the proud owner of all her courses.   The decision to buy my first course is one I have never regretted.   I am currently going through How To Revise Your Novel the big course on the old site.    I love it.   Try the free workshop below see what you think.

Free Mini-Revision Workshop Sign Up Here   Want to read more about it first you can try this link Read more about it here







Note: I am a Holly affiliate I may received compensation if you use my links, but either way I still highly recommend this course.


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