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Today we are virtually traveling to United Kingdom to visit with fantasy author Jaq D. Hawkins and talk to her about her Goblin trilogy, which you can purchase separately, or all three in one e-book on Amazon.


The Goblin Trilogy Purchase at Amazon


1. What was your inspiration for the Goblin series? 

It was a matter of politics which led to a vision of Anarchy that works, and this became the basis of the goblin society. No one has authority, but those with expertise are consulted and everyone works together for mutual survival.

2. What can you tell us about the series that is not in the blurbs?

Each story happens a generation later than the previous one, so there is character crossover but always new characters introduced. Magic and especially Alchemy feature highly, though in subtle ways. The spirituality of the goblins became important early in the writing of the first book. They are close to the earth and just want to live in peace, but humans have habitually hunted them down whenever they know they exist. A lot of known mythology is worked in to explain things like changelings and fairy hills.

3. Can you give us three facts about your main character (s) in the series?

Haghuf is a very old goblin. Though we know him as a librarian, there was a time when he fought humans in the goblin wars that eventually became known only as legends to humans, who have shorter memories.

Count Anton has a family secret that explains the line of succession. He isn’t nearly as confident as he appears to the people, but readers learn the details of that by the end of the first book.

Haghuf is afraid of dragons, but you don’t learn why until book two.

4. Can you give us a brief sketch about the Goblin world and how it works?

It’s fairly primitive. There are different species of goblins and they tend to work to their strengths. For example, one species is very strong and has long claws, so they usually become diggers.

There is no compulsion though. When a goblin infant is born (something that happens far too infrequently), the mother decides if the child is viable. If they have defects that will prevent them from living, they will not nurture the infant. From the time the youngling can walk, they become a member of the community and all the adults look after them equally, there are not strong parental bonds and most don’t even know who fathered them.

When they are about the equivalent of a human 10-year-old, they are considered old enough to choose their path in life and might leave their grotto to train with the warrior goblins or go adventuring with Those Who Provide, the goblins who procure food from the surface world by various methods that include wild gardens and sometimes raiding human gardens or livestock.

There is only one law in the goblin world. Do nothing to endanger the grotto. The penalty is death.

5. You also have a film company, can you tell us a little bit about that?

It was started because these stories need to be made into movies. I knew some filmmakers and one thing led to another, and i opened my own company. To raise money for the goblin stories, two no budget films have been shot and re currently in edit. One should be finished early in 2015, Old Blood. It’s a vampire story with a magical twist.

6. You have a count down deal that you will be promoting, tell us about that?

5-10 November The Goblin Trilogy will be priced at $2.99, less than the price of just the first book if bought separately. I decided it’s time to give the series a push, now that the last book is finally out.
7. What can you tell us about your self publishing experience? What advice would you offer new authors?

I was traditionally published (still am for my non-fiction) and took a while to decide self-publishing was the way to go. Old habits die hard. The publisher who first took on Dance of the Goblins was new and was never able to get U.S. distribution for the book, so eventually I asked to be released from my contract and tried self-publishing. The freedom to do things myself was rather liberating!

My advice to new authors: Don’t rush and don’t stint. Put your manuscript aside for a couple of months and read it with fresh eyes. You would be amazed what you see. Then have it edited by someone else. Also, get a professional looking book cover. The cartoon ones you get from the publishing programmes scream amateur.

8. Do you have a favorite book and/or author?

That changes all the time. My latest favourite is George Martin and the Songs of Ice and Fire series. I love good, intelligently written Fantasy.

9. What did you know you wanted to be an author?

When I was 14 I made the decision that it would be my career path. Nothing else is as satisfying.

10. Do you have a routine or ritual your follow, before you sit down to write?

I get out of bed and go straight to the computer, stopping only to feed the cats. Sometimes I don’t stop until the day is nearly gone, and only then because I have family.

11. Are you working on anything right now, if so, when do you expect to release it?

I have several things on the go. Some of my Mind, Body, Spirit books need to catch up to the digital age because I keep getting requests, but my primary fiction project at present is a science fiction book about a Moon colony.

12. Do you have any non-writing hobbies?

Apart from film making, I no longer have time. I used to dance, but a broken ankle a few years ago slowed that down just as my projects were taking over. I do a little gardening, but it’s pretty minimal. When I do have time I also bake and do needlework. very domestic.

13. What does a typical day in your life look like?

Me hunched over the computer with a cat blocking the screen for several hours, then I go spend time with the family. More cats will run across my lap or sleep around my neck if I’m sitting in the living room. I try to go for walks to get the exercise that walking to a day job used to give me. I do go out, just not on a daily basis.

14. Before we leave is there anything you would like your readers to know about you, or your books? 

There always seems to be a touch of magic or spirituality in my stories. I don’t do it on purpose, but it’s who I am so it gets in there. The goblin stories appeal most to traditional Fantasy fans. They don’t seem to appeal to the fantasy Romance readers, which I can understand. Hot goblins are few and far between. But there might just be one or two. 😉


DON’T FORGET TO GRAB–The Goblin Trilogy at a Discounted Price November 5th-10th, 2014 on Amazon.


Jaq3smAbout The Author:

Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 10 books in publication in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre published by Capall Bann Publishing, as well as four Fantasy novels in print and E-book; The Wake of the Dragon,Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance, and, Power of the Dance, published by Goblin Publishing. A combined book of the Goblin Trilogy has just been released and a science fiction project is currently in progress.

The Goblin Trilogy Purchase at Amazon

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