Dear Reader

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Dear Reader,

This is my story of my writing woes, I mean, writing joys; no actually, it is a letter to you.  I have hit road bumps; or rather, I have hit character bumps.  My story started out as flash fiction, but refused to stay within my word limits, even though I argued that it would no longer be flash fiction.  My characters insisted they had an interesting tale, and they could not contain it within the boundaries I set, so they hijacked my story.

Therefore, I have removed the vignettes temporarily from my website.  They will all undergo a rewrite to re-post later.  I apologize for the interruption, and delay.  You my reader I think will enjoy a better story despite my error in thinking.  I thought I was still in control of this plan.  I would turn the stories into vignettes, and post them as serialized snippets foreshadowing my novel, except the story kept changing so much the vignettes themselves needed rewrites.  I did one rewrite, but when I realized all the eight written would need it, I knew it was too much.  I did not want to bore you with multiple re-reads, so I removed them.

I should not have posted them once I realized they did not meet flash fiction criteria.  I am not a seasoned enough writer to make it work, or perhaps recognize that it would not work in the first place.  I think it was because the stories were too immediate and pertinent to the bigger story that caused them not to work.  My muse wanted to use them to build story, instead of freestanding story to post on the site.  This is not how I learned to create a novel through the course “How to Think Sideways” by Holly Lisle.   I never intended these stories to become a novel.  But, my wild muse slipped the fence, while I was sleeping, and changed the size of the playground.  The characters developed a life of their own, and insisted on having some say in their story.

Despite that, I am taking the story I have already developed, and I am running it through the course as I write it, and including the characters voices in the development process.  That made them happy and me too.  I will still post every Sunday, and every first Wednesday of every month.  I will give you glimpses and hints of what is happening with the story.  I might even convince my muse to write a few “real flash fiction or short stories” that will not affect our current story.

Other news–as you can see I am revamping my website.  This is an ongoing work in progress as I learn the in’s and out’s on how to do things.  Yes, it is a learning curve for me, but I think I am getting better at it. I am learning.  I finally figured out how to make my links prettier with HTML code.  Yeah!  I am still going through the site, and redoing the ones already posted.

My current projects my website, 2 novel ideas, vignettes and flash fiction.  I am taking the writing courses I have previously mention in other places, and writing daily.  I am also job-hunting for a non-writing job to pay my bills, while I am on this writing odyssey.  That is the plans for now, and I am sticking to it dang it.  That last bit was for my untamed muse who thinks it is funny to throw bombs in the middle of well-laid plans.

See you next Sunday, if not before.



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  • Melissa Bradley

    Thanks for taking time to visit my blog the other day. I appreciated your kind words very much. I have always believed that writing is a process that one will never fully learn as there is always room to grow and improve. I love being a part of the writing community in general because we are so kind to one another.

  • exiledprospero

    Such ambitious projects, Juneta. It’s always best to aim high.

    I’m glad you are enjoying the Inciting Incident discussion I started, sipping on a roborant cup of tea, while in the cozy comfort of Holly’s living room.

    • admin

      Heh, I know. I scare myself sometimes. I am enjoying this discussion immensely, and the book “Inciting Incident” by H.R. D’Costa is an interesting read. I really enjoyed “Write Your Novel From the Middle” by James Scott Bell a lot too. Once I finish the other I will get back to commenting on the forum in the “cozy comfort of Holly’s living room”. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  • admin

    Hey Elise, Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and the reminder. I plan to be there. I love those meetings. See you there.

  • Don’t sweat it lady 🙂 any writer that says they *know* how to write is a liar. Writing is something that we learn as we go and the learning never stops. No matter how seasoned we are. 🙂 Don’t forget writer’s meet Wed. night ! 🙂

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